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The Punishment She Deserves

The Punishment She Deserves

von Elizabeth George

Inhalt - NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers and Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley are forced to confront the past as they try to solve ... mehr zum Inhalt

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A Lynley Novel
720 Seiten
171 mm x 107 mm

2019 Penguin US; Penguin Books
ISBN 978-0-525-50595-2


Praise for The Punishment She Deserves

"Rich with descriptive detail and emotional nuance. Several alternating plot threads unspool at length, all of which weave tightly together with pleasing inevitability. . . . What has been said before deserves repeating: From suspense to social commentary, from violence to pathos, from villainy to possible redemption, Ms. George can do it all, with style."
-Wall Street Journal

"Elizabeth George has created journeys for Havers and Lynley before and this, yet again, falls among the 'must reads' in the suspense world. For new readers getting onboard and for those who have loved these characters for a while now, this book is one you do not want to miss."
-Suspense Magazine

"Bolstered by George's polished prose, the twentieth Lynley mystery moves briskly along, showing the author at the peak of her powers."
-Booklist (starred review)




First had come the requisite clothing, and her choice was simplicity itself. She already had dozens of slogan-bearing T-shirts she could wear-only some of them being truly objectionable-so the single purchase she made was two pairs of leggings, black in colour since black was supposed to be slimming and God knew she wanted to look slimmer than she actually was. Next, naturally, had come the footwear, with an astonishing array of choices she had absolutely not known could exist online or anywhere else. Black, of course, there was lots of black, but there was also the choice of beige, pink, red, silver, and white. One could have glitter as well. One could choose from soles of leather, resin, rubber, or a synthetic material of unnamed and, one hoped, eco-friendly origin. Then came the ribbons or the laces. Or the ankle straps with buckles. And finally presented were the taps themselves. Toe, toe and heel, none at all . . . although why one would purchase tap shoes without taps didn't make much sense to her. She ended up choosing red-it was, after all, her signature colour when it came to footwear-and she went with straps and buckles as she could not see herself being responsible for keeping either laces or ribbons tied for the length of time that they would need to be tied: ninety minutes each lesson.

The last thing Barbara Havers had ever expected when she'd agreed to tap-dancing lessons in the company of Dorothea Harriman, the department secretary of her division in the Metropolitan Police, was that she would actually enjoy the activity. She'd gone along with the plan merely because she was worn down after listening to relentlessly given arguments on the subject of the benefits of tap dancing as exercise. Although most forms of exercise that didn't involve pushing a shopping trolley up and down the aisles of the nearest Tesco had long been anathema to Barbara, she'd fairly quickly run out of excuses on the subject of being too busy.
At least she'd managed to remove Dorothea's hands from her love life or, more specifically, from her lack thereof. To do this, she'd invoked the name of an Italian policeman-Salvatore Lo Bianco-with whom she'd become acquainted during the previous year. That had stirred Dorothea's interest, which was further stirred when Barbara informed her that she was expecting a visit from Inspector Lo Bianco and his two children round Christmastime. Alas and alack, that hadn't happened, a sudden appendectomy performed on twelve-year-old Marco having prevented this. But wisely, Barbara hadn't shared her disappointment with Dorothea. As far as the departmental secretary knew, the visit had occurred and bliss of some acceptable sort was just round the corner.

Dorothea was not to be so moved regarding the tap-dancing lessons, however. Thus, for the last seven months, Barbara had found herself once each week in a dance studio in Southall, where she and Dorothea learned that a shuffle was a brush followed by a spark, a slap was a flap without the weight transfer, and a Maxie Ford involved four different movements that the faint at heart and clumsy of foot were never going to master. Nor were those individuals who did not practise daily between lessons.

At first Barbara had simply refused to practise. As a detective sergeant at New Scotland Yard, she did not have a plethora of open hours in which she could shuffle off to Buffalo or, frankly, to anywhere else. And while the instructor had been good enough to start his neophyte tappers gently and with mounds of encouragement, he wasn't entirely pleased with Barbara's progress, and after the tenth lesson he let her know it.

"One must work at this," he told her as she and Dorothea were restoring their tap shoes to the cloth bags in which they were religiously carried every week to Southall. "If you consider the progress that the other ladies have made and with far more impediments . . ."




Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers and Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley are forced to confront the past as they try to solve a crime that threatens to tear apart the very fabric of a quiet, historic medieval town in England

The cozy, bucolic town of Ludlow is stunned when one of its most revered and respected citizens--Ian Druitt, the local deacon--is accused of a serious crime. Then, while in police custody, Ian is found dead. Did he kill himself? Or was he murdered?

When Barbara Havers is sent to Ludlow to investigate the chain of events that led to Ian's death, all the evidence points to suicide. But Barbara can't shake the feeling that she's missing something. She decides to take a closer look at the seemingly ordinary inhabitants of Ludlow--mainly elderly retirees and college students--and discovers that almost everyone in town has something to hide.

A masterful work of suspense, The Punishment She Deserves sets Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers and Inspector Thomas Lynley against one of their most intricate cases. Fans of the longtime series will love the many characters from Elizabeth George's previous novels who join Lynley and Havers, and readers new to the series will quickly see why she is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed writers of our time. Both a page-turner and a deeply complex story about the lies we tell, the lies we believe, and the redemption we need, this novel will be remembered as one of George's best.

Biografische Anmerkung zu den Verfassern

Elizabeth George is the New York Times bestselling author of twenty psychological suspense novels, four young adult novels, one book of nonfiction, and two short-story collections. Her work has been honored with the Anthony and Agatha awards, two Edgar nominations, and both France's and Germany's first prize for crime fiction, as well as several other prestigious prizes. She lives in Washington State.

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